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Kruger National Park > Activities > Enjoy Sudwala Dinosaur Park

Enjoy Sudwala Dinosaur Park

Enjoy Sudwala Dinosaur Park
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The Sudwala Dinosaur Park is a definite must for those visiting Mpumalanga. Located next to the stunning Sudwala Caves, this beautiful park is actually an exquisite garden that houses some of the most intriguing displays about life on earth; prehistoric creatures, age-old debates about man's humble beginnings and fascinating creatures that roam the nature's wilderness it's all here!

The Sudwala Dinosaur Park will be a learning experience that you will never forget. It provides a fascinating medley of scientific facts that will please the curious mind. The exquisite park comes alive with the various forms and models that depict the development of life in different ages be it the ancient amphibians, huge mammal-like reptiles, grand dinosaurs, extinct mammals or pre-historic man, this park has a lot of stories to tell. Be awed by the intriguing forms of Mr and Mrs Pless, the most famous representatives of "Austrolopithicus africanus" southern apes that lived millions of years ago and an integral part of the informative debates on mankind's ancestors.

Catch a glimpse of the models of the majestic Cape Quagga and Cape Lion; beautiful creatures that have not walked the earth for nearly a century. Take this chance to check out the Nile Crocodile; stretching out to an impressive 3m, these cunning creatures are mementos of a by-gone era of survival and perseverance. Feel a chill down your spine as you glance at the fossils of the Collenia extremely old plant colonies that lived in the ancient times when were alive when the earth's air was blanketed in just nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The Collenia was found in the Sudwala Caves and thus, a visit to the park will provide intriguing information on the wonders that travelers will encounter in the fascinating caverns.

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