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Kruger National Park > Activities > Take a look out God's Window

Take A Look Out God's Window

Take a look out God's Window
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Are you setting out to explore the stunning beauty of Africa? Hoping for a once in a lifetime glimpse of the mystery and wonders of this amazing continent? Seeking to soothe your mind in the tranquil surrounds? Then look no further than God's Window! God's Window is a breathtakingly beautiful viewpoint that exemplifies the grace and charm of the rugged African wilderness. Towering trees, thriving bushes, meandering streams and so much more!

God's Window is truly a wonderful sight! Imagine peeking down at an expansive view of nature's wonders; the rich medley of stately trees and abundant bushes, strikingly green against the hazy brown earth; the glistening mist that softens the vibrant colors of the valley; a glimpse of the flowing rivers as they meander across the plains. Where else can you find such surreal magic? Set your eyes upon the plains of the Lowveld and to the distance, the stunning Kruger Park! Bask in the picturesque view and be awed by mother nature's grandeur; through the passing of time, with dabs of rain, wind and sun, the rough earth changes its face again and again, like a dazzling work of art that is constantly restored to an exquisite form; the swirling waters of the rivers and the memories they pick up and carry across the land; the expansive Kruger National Park, seen in all its glory from your vantage point. So many uplifting sights to please the eager mind!

Remember what it feels to be alive as you stroll up to your view point; the invigorating hike, the crisp mountain air and the golden sun on your skin that's what life is all about. Capture this moment in your hearts, perhaps a few pictures to take a piece of Africa back home with you.

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