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Kruger National Park > Activities > Visit and View The Three Rondawels

Visit And View The Three Rondawels

Visit and View The Three Rondawels
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The Three Rondawels is delightful reminder of Africa's stunning beauty and fascinating past. Located at the end of the Panorama Route, this dazzling mix of rugged terrain and lush greenery depicts the richness this country's pristine beauty. Steeped in history and boasting untainted landscapes, the Three Rondawels will be a sight to remember!

The stories of the Three Rondawels will enthrall the curious traveler. This is the name given to three stately peaks, grand and majestic as they rise above all the other rocks. Made of quartzite and shale, these vast peaks are named after a Mapulana chief and his wives. Peer closely at the peak to the right; although rounded and weathered from the battering wind and sun, feel its resilience as it stands unyielding and strong against all elements through the passage of time; small wonder that this magnificent peak was named Mapajanenga - “The Chief”. And following in his wake, from right to are three distinct peaks which have been named after his wives - Maseroto, Mogoladikwe and Magabolle. Magnificent and majestic in their own right, these peaks are awe-inspiring; united in their bond to the grand Mapajanenga as all peaks stand tall from the same base; yet, each peak reaches for the stars, in their own little niche on the rock face, marking their distinct personalities.

The grace and charms of this land will linger in your, way after you have said your goodbyes. Imagine towering rocky outcrops, proud against the elements, gleaming hazy gold in the bright sunlight; be awed by their resilience as you realize that these jagged rocks have stood tall for as long as man can remember. Catch a glimpse of the strikingly green vegetation; sprinkled generously amidst the land and thriving for eons on this ancient terrain.

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